The glory of Heaven falls on Mabalane

Travelling back to Zimpeto, we stayed one evening in a village called Mabalane.  We had the privilege of preaching there in 2010 and saw great signs and wonders amongst the village.  This year, we ministered to 100 people; all of which prayed the prayer of salvation! Afterwards, after praying for the physical healing of a few individuals some were able to come and give testimony to the change they had felt.  Two women with stomach pains felt better after prayer, and a young boy who was coughing and suffered from chest pain came to also share that it had left his body! Eight people afterwards came up to pray for freedom from night terrors and demonic strongholds.  One young woman hadn’t actually accepted Jesus into her heart.  We led her through prayer to have Jesus as her King and she was much more free afterwards and felt a change in her heart.