The 700+ Names of Jesus Touch Hearts at This Pastor’s Conference

At a conference at Charkhi Dadri church on the other side of Delhi, Pastor Bill and Lawrence had an opportunity to share and impart to several pastors and church leaders in the area. Pastor Bill had the group joyfully enjoying the message of Father’s love, power, and provision found in the 700 names of Jesus. Men and women of the church filled two separate rooms as Pastor Bill taught, sang, and prayed for everyone to be empowered to raise disciples and bring lasting revival to India.

After Pastor Bill imparted the importance of raising up sons and daughters in the kingdom, he had one of his own spiritual sons share in the afternoon session about the great love God has for the people of India. He shared about the power of Holy Spirit to strengthen and send out His children. The meeting ended with a great time of prayer for the infilling of the Holy Spirit as they cried out for more of His great love. Each pastor received a number of Bibles to take back to their churches so they could continue to teach and raise up sons and daughters throughout all of India.