Woman’s “Life Verse” Confirmed in Picture

A young woman came up for a personal picture. I asked the Lord for some help and the words “dreams and desires” popped into my head.  I got a picture of someone on the back of an eagle, so I drew a stick figure on the back of a bird soaring through the air and another person trying to fly on his own.  Ps. 37:4 was really on my heart for this woman so I wrote the verse in the open space on the picture.  “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

I told her that the person on the back of the eagle was her with God in her life and the person trying to fly on her own was her trying to tackle life in her own strength.  She said she had goosebumps and started to tear up.  It turns out that Psalm 37:4 was her life verse.  She was very encouraged that the Lord would confirm her life verse and said she really needed the reminder that her life is in God’s hands and he will give her the desires of her heart.  The Lord was definitely moving – thank you Lord!