Woman healed from hip pain!









On Friday, Sept. 4th I went to the fair with a group of friends as part of an outreach, to offer prayer for people and see what else God had in store! We came across a woman walking with a cane, so Bethany explained why we were at the fair and asked if we could pray for her. She was happy to receive prayer and explained that her hip was basically in constant pain. After prayer, she said her pain had decreased! Then Michelle had a word from the Lord and asked if she or anyone in her family struggles with depression. She said, “yes, we all do,” especially her husband and 2 sons. Michelle prayed to break that off of her and her family and prayed that the Father’s love would be revealed to them more and more. Mary was so blessed and encouraged, and thanked us for stopping. Then as she walked away, she turned back to us and said that her hip felt much better! She began to walk around without her cane to test it, and said the pain was gone! Thank You, Jesus!