Wiccan Experiences God’s Peace

Doing “personal pictures” at the First Friday arts festival was absolutely my favorite outreach!  I had a lady in her 30’s come to me and ask what we were doing. I told her I would ask God to give me a picture for her then draw it. As I was drawing for her with bright red, purple, orange, and yellow…she is asked me, “oh, you see me with bright colors?” I told her, “this is how God sees you, with bright colors.” The picture I was doing for her was of a rainbow beaming out of a heart.

She shared with me that she doesn’t go to church because of the “structure” she was a wiccan and felt that offered her more freedom. I just kept loving her as we talked. As I finished the picture the Lord told me to add a key, separate from the rainbow. God’s promises for her always yes! She just has to take the key.

After I gave her the picture I noticed she had a necklace with a key on it.  What a great confirmation for hearing the Lord’s voice! The Lord also dropped in my heart that she had pain in her back. I asked her about it and she did have pain – in fact, her mom had chronic arthritis, constant pain in her joints & bones. Her grandma had the same thing and died young. This was a generational problem. I prayed for God to release the pain and to break the power of this curse over her. After prayer asked if there was any change, at that moment she couldn’t say for sure.  I asked if I could pray to release God’s peace to her body and she agreed. After prayer she said she could feel His peace and felt something different!