Wedding Reception Salvation and Healing

Today, Jaimie and I went to her friend’s wedding. At the reception, we had a chance to talk with a dating couple who are in college. We started to talk about God and ended up sharing the whole gospel about Jesus with them. We could tell they were so interested to hear more that we asked if they wanted to pray and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior right then. The guy had never prayed to do that before and the girl did once but hasn’t been really walking with the Lord. Without any hesitation, they both said yes and prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts! We also prayed for healing for the guy’s knees and back because he has had pain for awhile. During the prayer, he felt a tingling in his back and afterwards he noticed that there was no pain in his knees. They were both very encouraged! This all happened after prayer & fasting week and the all night Watch of the Lord! Praise the Lord!