Two Healings at Stark State!

God is so great! Today during The Edge at Stark State two people got totally touched by God. One guy came in with an irritation in his one eye, he said it was painful and there was a lot of pressure on it. I prayed for him and he said the pain left and he was able to see more clearly! He kept commenting that it felt a lot better and said that when he first came into the room it was throbbing and it was hard to see, but after praying it felt a lot better, the pressure lifted and he was able to see a lot more clearly!

Then when everything was over, another guy was about to leave the room but I asked him if he wanted any prayer. He said his shoulder had been hurting a lot for the past week or so. Andrew prayed for him and when Andrew put his hand on his shoulder he felt the shoulder muscle jolt. Kevin (the guy being prayed for) felt his shoulder jolt also! When Andrew was done praying, Kevin moved his shoulder to see if there was a change and he said that it felt better! He moved his arm all around and said that the pain that was there before was gone! God is so amazing!!! Everyone there was able to see God heal both guys and it really encouraged people. Praise God!! More Lord!!!