Transformation for lives of the homeless

So for about 2 1/2 ish years now I have been hanging out with and ministering to akrons homeless… there was a crew of guys who lived in tents in the woods and have since spread out b/c of the cops kicking them out… One of my favorites, Old man Chris, who Dominick used to preach to has since moved out into a house and gotten sober and been healed of sizers… i have gotten very close to these men and they have become like family to me… we cry, we laugh, we love.. but there was one man in particular that was always angry while the others would, even in their drunkenness, have ears to hear… but then their was Dirk, hurt, drunk, angry and homeless… he’d sit off to the side and swear every time but never left the area… one day he told me how he hates God and God hates him b/c both his children were killed and thats what lead him to being where he was… I was broken… he was very angry towards me and chuck full of demons… after talking for a while he reluctantly allowed me to pray for him… in the middle of my prayer i had said something along the lines of God loving him and Dirk interrupted me looked me in my eyes full of rage, i felt like i was staring at a demon, which seems to happen more often then i like but love wins :), anyways Dirk said gritting his teeth looking like he was going to choke me “no he *** doesn’t” there were about 6 of us, me the lady i go with and a bunch of drunken awesome homeless men… nobody said anything… i simply looked in his eyes and said with compassion and confidence “yes Dirk He really does” and finished my prayer.. by the end Dirk and my arm were covered in snot, tears, and the smell of alcohol… the man never cried… he lost his kids and never cried over it. This happened over a year ago… I hadn’t seen Dirk b/c the cops had come and kicked them all out… YESTERDAY when i went out to hang with the homeless guys a truck pulls up, with a dog, and out jumps DIRK!!! He was glowing!!! Freshly shaved, a job, sober, full of joy!!! I cried, he cried!! He goes into high schools now and tells his testimony about how much God loves him!!! hahaha I love this life!! He also told me that 3 of the other guys from the little tent crew are now in detox to quit drinking and all getting a house together!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!!! I LOVE YOUR LOVE!!!