Swelling Diminished!

I have had an infection in my ankle for about a week now. It started in a bug bite and then began traveling up my leg. I’ve been on antibiotics for a couple of days, and the infection has started to get better, but I was also supposed to keep my ankle elevated because of swelling and pain. Today, I didn’t really keep it elevated like I should have and by about 5 o’clock it was extremely swollen. I got home and put ice on it and elevated it, but it wasn’t really getting much better. I then proceeded to go get ice cream with friends, but wasn’t really able to walk on it very easily. Then we got home and my friend prayed over it. She still had her hand on my ankle bone (which wasn’t really visible because of how bad the swelling was) and I asked her if she felt something. She said yeah, but she wasn’t sure if it had gone down. She took her hand off and the swelling had gone down a ton!!! We were both amazed and started laughing, and as she continued to pray, it went down even more. Now I’m able to walk normal and jump around without pain, which is great!!  And I took off my band aid and the infection is getting better and better very quickly! Yay Jesus!!!