Supernatural Wisdom Tooth Recovery

I got my wisdom teeth out the Fri before memorial day, & was honestly dreading it. I was going to my hometown to have it done so my mom could “take care of me” while I recovered, so my wonderful roommates prayed for me before I left. They called down supernatural recovery & no pain or dry sockets. After the surgery, I healed so quickly that rather than resting in bed, I ended up helping my mom with yard work all weekend! I didn’t have to take any vicodin & only took advil the day of & 1 day after the surgery (they told me to take it for a week), so it was certainly supernatural!

One week later, I had a bit of pain on one side and it was especially uncomfortable after I ate, so I still couldn’t eat certain foods, but on Sunday at church Pastor Mary Pat did a call for healing. I went up & 2 friends prayed for me. As they prayed, the pain left completely and it hasn’t hurt at all since! Since then I can eat anything & open my mouth all the way without any pain, neither of which I could do before they prayed for me. Thank You, Papa!! You are so good!!!