Simple Prayer… Powerful Results!

The other day I was grocery shopping and the cashier mentioned to me that he had a bad headache. Though I wanted to pray for him, doubt, fear, and insecurity rose up in me, and I left the store without even asking if he’d be open to prayer. God, in His unending grace, prompted me to go back, so I did. I went to the cashier, shared a testimony of how God had healed my chronic headaches and migraines, and asked if I could pray for his headache. He thought about it for a moment and then said no, he was OK, so I simply said, “Well I pray your headache leaves in Jesus’ name. Have a good night!” And I left.

I went back to that store tonight and saw the same cashier in the parking lot. As I walked past him I said a casual “Hey,” and when he saw it was me, he told me his headache went away after I prayed! He didn’t take any medicine or anything, after my very short, simple prayer it just left. How amazing our God is! It was such a great demonstration that it’s not up to what we say or how we pray. We just have to step out, and the rest is up to HIM!