Severe Back Pain Leaves Instantly

I had a chance to pray with a woman I give piano lessons to. As we sat down at the piano to begin, she expressed that her lower back was in great pain both while sitting and standing. I shared the power of God’s love and how He’s our Healer and desires to take our pain away. I then asked if she would mind if I laid my hand on her back and she agreed to pray with me.  As I concluded the prayer time, which was very powerful, I asked if she felt better. Her countenance had changed, she responded “Yes, its not even there anymore!”. With excitement in her eyes and a smile on her face, she encountered the living God and His amazing love! She said she felt a couple chills while praying, which is unusual for her. I explained to her that it was the presence of God surrounding her. Not only was she was encouraged, she shared this wonderful miracle testimony with her family! This is so easy for our God!