Salvation at Stark State!

Today at Stark State Andrew and I held a booth to invite people to The Edge. While we were there inviting people a student named Jared came to us and we started talking to him. I asked him if he was familiar with the prophetic, and he said no so I explained what it was, and he was open to receiving from God. We began to pray and prophecy over him which led into asking him if he ever received Jesus into his heart. He was very open to talking about God but he couldn’t answer the question if he ever gave his life fully to God and prayed to receive Jesus into his heart. We talked about what Jesus did on the cross and how He took care of sin once and for all and that all we need to do is receive Him and turn away from sin in our lives. He wanted to give his life to Jesus, so he put all his bags down and came closer to us so we could pray. He prayed after Andrew and received God’s salvation!!! We got to minister Father’s love to him and he wants to stay connected with us to grow in knowing God closer!! AMEN! Do it again LORD!!! Isn’t that so cool! All of heaven is rejoicing!