Salvation and Healing at McDonalds

One of my co-workers at McDonald’s, Jenn, was asking questions about my church. I politely answered her questions, and when she shifted her focus from church to her back [pain] I gave more attention to her inquiries. She told me that physical therapy was available to her because of the health care coverage she had. I asked her, “are you willing to come into agreement with the healing power of Jesus Christ?” She said, “Yes, that’s why I have been asking about your church. I really want to get back into all of that again.”

Later that night around 11:00 PM my shift was ending and so was hers. Her fiance Jermaine came to walk her home from work. Outside on the smoking deck at McDonald’s, the three of us prayed. I had already laid out some basic principles on hindrances to healing, and as I was doing this I let the Spirit of God tell them of the importance of salvation. Both agreed of their need and desire for Christ and his salvation.

The Holy Spirit began to physically touch and move Jenn’s body. I was leading them in a sinners prayer and prayer for repentance when I noticed Jenn’s arm literally shaking. At first I thought it was from it being over her bag of ice, but soon after thinking this I realized this shaking was different. She was crying as well as she received from Holy Spirit.

When we finished our prayer I asked if either Jermaine or Jenn were experiencing anything for the first time as a result of prayer. It was in this time that Jenn acknowledged, with tears flooding her eyes, that she felt the touch of the Father. I asked her how her back felt. “Good”, she said. “The pain is all gone!”

So both Jenn and her fiance Jermaine received Christ for the first time and as a result, Jenn’s back is still healed!