Rainbow Appears Miraculously

As I was praying for things in my personal life and for others, I saw a rainbow on the ceiling in the office at our house. I was surprised at how it was a full perfect arch rainbow and I never saw a perfect rainbow like that on the inside of a building before. It was amazing!! The shades were down and there was only a little light coming through the bottom of the shades that I could see. The objects that were on the desk next to the window were the same objects that have been there for months. I have been in the office many times before but I have never seen a rainbow on the ceiling until this time. There have been many sunny days and there has never been a rainbow on the ceiling during those days. Seeing the rainbow was a huge blessing to me and I knew it was from the Lord. I heard him say all of His promises are yes and amen. This gave me a huge peace that what I was asking for was in His hands and that he was taking care of my family’s situation.