Prophetic word at a rest stop!

My brother was getting married out of state on a Saturday, so my plan was to leave around 10am on Friday. Of course, things came up with work and I didn’t get on the road until 2:30pm.Â

After about 5 hours on the road worshiping and soaking in the Lord, I heard God tell me to turn off the radio, He wanted to have a talk with me. By this time I needed gas and a rest stop. I said,  “God, after we hit this next plaza then I can focus and we can talk after we get back on the road.”  There was too much traffic in the way and I missed the plaza.

I asked God one of those questions. You know the one you don’t expect an answer to. I said, “God why did I miss that exit?” Then to my surprise I heard a voice say, “that exit is not what I have for you.” I asked, “Whats at the next one?”  He said, “there’s a girl…Tell her I love her and tell her she will have a life full of joy.”  He said her name was Jennifer, told me that she works at the rest stop and I would know her by her long brown hair.

So I stop at the next plaza and walk in looking around and see this girl at Sbarros pizza with long brownish hair and her name tag said Jenn. I ordered dinner and asked her if she would receive a word from the Lord. She said yes. I told her what the Lord had told me for her - she said thank you and I said God bless!  Jesus sent me 5 hours from my home to give someone his message of love and joy and He knew the place and time I needed to be there to give this message to someone whom I have never met. Praise the Lord!