Prophetic Picture Encourages Family

Friday night I drew three prophetic pictures for a Mother and two daughters. One of the daughters was really skeptical, but I gave her a word about being knit together with the Lord and how He saw her as his daughter. She received the word, but didn’t really say anything about it. Afterwards, her mother came up to me and thanked me for giving them the pictures and words from the Lord and told me that I was right on about her daughter, and how the Lord wants her to see Him as her Father because she was raised without her natural father in her life. Her mom also told me that the revelation that God does see her daughter as His daughter is something that she (the mother) has been praying for for her daughter!

Right as we were getting ready to close up the booth for the night, a lady I had prayed for a few months ago also came by with her son, and I had a chance to pray for her again, along with Bethany, for her spine.  She has a degenerative bone disease and lots of issues with her back and spine, and she said that she felt some release and was more at peace then she had been before we prayed for her.