Prophetic outreach at Wal-Mart

On Sunday night, a group of us met at FWC to pray and do outreach at Walmart and Target. During prayer we were asking God for specific information about the people we would be meeting that night. As a group we felt the Lord was speaking around 17 different descriptions of people. What happened next is the fun part!

Our group ran into at least 11 people who met the descriptions of what God said. For example, one description we heard the Lord say was a man would be limping on his leg, he would be African American, tall, and wearing a blue coat. Another person they Holy Spirit had talked to us about was someone named Toby, with some specific words of love for him. The Wal-Mart kindly let us page Toby, asking him to come to customer service. Although nobody responded, we noticed the tall, limping, African-American man in the blue coat sometime later and approached him since he matched the description God had given; ironically, this man knew Toby. The man let us share the Gospel with him and ended up accepting Christ after 73 years of rejecting any involvement with God. He recognized that he was the man that Holy Spirit had told us about, and acknowledged that in his heart he had always wanted a relationship with God but hadn’t know what to do.

During our prayer time before outreach, God showed us that someone would be seeing someone they knew. I saw two people I knew and another member of the group saw a man he used to work with. All three people that we had previously known allowed us to share with them the love of God and His goodness.

Pastor MP felt led to go up to a woman who met a description that God gave us. She was an “older woman, chunky, gray/blond hair, struggling, WalMart employee.” Pastor MP did not know that the lady was a WalMart employee when she approached her. The lady started to cry and gave Pastor MP a big hug after she asked if she would like prayer. Pastor MP was able to pray for her regarding some health problems. It turns out the woman was, in fact, a WalMart employee.