Prayer Pops Knee Back Into Place!

God is SO amazing!!!! I can’t even put it in words!! Today at Jackson High School God totally touched a young man, Mitchell, who is an athlete on campus. Every Thursday I help to lead a group called Impact at the school, and this week when I got there Mitchell was in the room talking to the teacher. The teacher told me Mitchell’s knee was hurt and that I should pray for him. I asked him if that would be ok, and he was really open to it. When I first prayed nothing seemed to happen so I asked if I could pray¬†again and he said yes and sat down. I lightly put my hand on his knee and as I prayed I felt something pop in his knee! He felt it too and said, “Woah, what did you just do? That’s so weird!” I assured him that all I did was pray and that God did the rest. I asked if he felt better and he moved his knee and he couldn’t believe it, all the pain was totally gone!! He said he couldn’t bend his knee without pain before, but after I prayed he could bend it with no pain at all! He was even jumping on it and bringing his knee up to waist level and said there was no more pain! It was so amazing!! When Mr. Wertz first said I should pray for Mitchell, he said I didn’t have to lay my hands on him, but I felt led by Holy Spirit to put my hand on his knee and when I did it just popped into place! That blew me and Mitchell away! Mitchell just kept bending his knee and saying,”What did you do? It doesn’t hurt anymore!” It was powerful. More Jesus!!