Prayer and Healing in the Marketplace

Work, lately, has become a hotspot for prayer ministry. A couple weeks ago I was working an evening shift. Our midnight manager came in looking really sick. I asked how he was doing and he confirmed the way he looked. Holy Spirit prompted me to offer healing prayer. Before his night got going and my shift ended I asked if I could pray for him. He responded with gratitude. I invited the Holy Spirit to come and release healing. Immediately his sinuses began to clear. The pain was now just in his nasal cavity.  With more prayer he experienced significant relief. I saw him the following morning when our shifts switched. He made it through the rest of the night and was back to feeling great. He was very thankful for the prayer, and left the store very encouraged.

Thursday I was out in the lobby when a customer came to me to tell me about her sister who is in a care facility receiving treatment for severe arthritis and, I believe, cancer in her stomach. I used to see these two sisters often as they would come to eat. I asked if I could pray for her in proxy for her sister. She agreed. The two left the store greatly encouraged and loved. I don’t know if her sister’s condition has changed. I will see this woman again soon.

Friday I was taking a break when a co-worker came to the store. She was limping and I asked if she was in pain. She said she was, it had just started. Arthritis would cause her pain in her joints and bones when the weather got cloudy. I asked her if I could lay hands on her and pray. She let me. I invited Holy Spirit and released healing, binding the spirit of affliction, and breaking generational curses. The pain was mostly in her ankles, so I layed my hands on her ankles. There was some release of the pain.

This prayer opened the door to pray for a man a couple tables down. A week before I was led to remit his sins, release the Kindness of the Lord and laborers into the harvest on behalf of his soul. I sensed this day he desired prayer and someone to talk to. His dog of fourteen years had been afflicted with cancer died just days before. He and his wife’s hearts were broken. He began to tell me about his wife, who had suffered from a severe case of polio. She was immobilized in a wheelchair. Then he told me about own addictons. He said he wanted to quit smoking cigarettes. I prayed for him and the presence of God came. I learned his name that day–and that we share a faith in Jesus. Now I call him by name and greet him with a handshake. He was once a stranger, but now he is my brother in Christ. Praise God!

Saturday one of my shift managers was suffering with great pain in her face muscles. She asked me if I could lay my hands on her and “do that healing thing.” That really touched my heart. When the time was right I gently laid my hand on her shoulder as the two of us pretended to talk and load food bags for the drivethru. I finished and some of her pain left. We weren’t able to continue praying, but throughout the day I would ask her how the pain was. The pain remained but her endurance was rising throughout the day. She was planning to leave early, but instead with prayer and the Word of God throughout her day she was able to remain her entire shift. She does not know Jesus yet as Savior, but she is getting to know Him as friend!

Tonight (Wednesday) a group of us went to Legends Nursing home to reach out to the elderly. I met a woman named Helen, a Christian, whom we found out a bit later had recently turned 95 years old. Wow! She was telling us about a cancer on her right bicep. This cancer caused her a great deal of pain. She let us pray for her for the Lord to remove the pain. I asked her to to tell me when the pain left. After a short prayer of invitation I commanded the pain to leave and released the peace and healing of God over her body. I asked her if anything had changed and with a beautiful smile she replied, “yeah the pain is gone.” “Completely gone,” I asked. “Completely gone.” She said to me, “Now let’s see how long it stays gone.” After talking a bit more she reported the pain was still gone. I commanded that pain to never return to her body again in the name of Jesus. Praise God! Isn’t that awesome.