Poison Ivy Dries Up Overnight!

While helping Andy and Nikki clear trees and brush at their new home on a Saturday I was exposed to poison ivy.  By Tuesday I had a poison ivy rash that was on both forearms, my face and my eyes.  It was itching terribly and started to spread.  I went to Fire and Wind on Tuesday evening and told Andy about my poison ivy rash and Andy shared he had it, too.  Andy and I prayed that the poison ivy oils would dry up and there would be no further spreading.  After the prayer I felt no further discomfort, itching and the rash dried up and was gone by the next day.  I usually react violently to poison ivy and always need a prescription to heal.  It was in a very dangerous place being close to my eyes but the Lord was faithful and healed me completely, immediately.  I took no medication by mouth or ointment to help with the rash.  Thank you, Father, for an immediate response to prayer.