Pizza & Prayer

Today for The EDGE at Stark State, we had pizza and games and were just hanging out on the lawn outside the building we usually meet in. It was a great set up because lots of people were drawn to the pizza and we got to hang out and get to know people on the campus. One girl came and I didn’t get a chance to really connect with her until she was about to leave. I started talking to her and found out that she had MS and her shoulder was hurting her. I prayed for her condition & then I prayed for her shoulder to be healed. She said she still had pain. I then found out I was praying for the wrong side of her shoulder so I asked if I could pray again. God’s word came to my heart that “it’s not by power nor by might, but by His Spirit.” I commanded her shoulder to be healed and as I did I felt God’s power move. I wasn’t depending on what I said or how it sounded, but on God’s power and Spirit. I took my hand off of her and I didn’t say anything and she just looked at me with a stunned look on her face and after several seconds of staring at me she said, “it feels better”. It was so powerful! She was so stunned and couldn’t believe what happened! I told her that that is a miracle and God just healed her shoulder. She was so amazed and others around heard about it and came over and were also so excited to see what happened! God is so amazing! That was an instant and powerful healing! The pain instantly was gone right after praying and the girl was shocked when it happened! I couldn’t help but praise God because it is so amazing to see God touch someone like that! Wow God! DO IT AGAIN!