Painful Rash Leaves

One evening, after a time of teaching and praying, the Lord gave someone a word of knowledge about stomach pain. This person asked if anyone had any kind of discomfort in or on their stomach. I indicated that I had an itchy painful rash on my stomach. I went on to explain that I had suffered with this rash for four years. Nothing I had tried medically or nutritionally had taken it away…only slightly decreased the intensity of the itching and pain. This person prayed for me and during the prayer I got really hot. My face became flushed and I had to take off the jacket I was wearing. I had never experienced anything like this before and did not understand that I was feeling the healing power of God. Miraculously, the rash was completely healed up in two days! I was amazed!!! However, after a week or so the rash returned. Not fully understanding God’s nature, I accepted the rash believing that it was my fault because I’d not been eating healthy. I believed this for several weeks until a person from Frontline explained to my husband about “lying symptoms”. This new knowledge gave me the faith I needed to believe that I had been healed, I still was healed, and any “lying symptoms” that were not lining up with what God said had to leave! In a few more weeks the rash was completely gone again. It has remained gone for several months now!!! My family is amazed because they saw me struggle for four years with pain that would not go and now it’s completely gone with no medicine or diet restrictions!