Pain in abdomen disappears!

I woke up yesterday morning around 6am with pain on my right abdomen. I tried to sleep it off, but it kept persisting throughout the day. I also was feeling weak and somewhat lightheaded. When I got to work, the pain was getting progressively worse. So I asked my supervisor if I could leave and go to the doctor and she let me go. When I got to the doctor, they took my blood pressure, temperature and examined me and they said I might have a kidney stone. They recommended that I go to Aultman ER in Canton to have them do a CAT scan. When that was said to me, fear tried to grip me. Â I had never experienced any kidney problems or anything of this medical magnitude. I wanted to stand in the Lord and trust that He would heal me.

While I was driving, the pain started to get unbearable – that’s when I called Pastor Mary Pat and asked for prayer. When she prayed for me, I felt a strong tingling go down my right leg, then into my left hand and on my face. It was certainly the power of God, but I hadn’t felt a tingling sensation like that since the first time I was prayed for at my first missions training weekend in 2002. It was so strong that I had to pull over at a gas station and I just laid there while the electric power of God was going through my body. While I was receiving His healing, I noticed that the pain had subsided and I decided not to go to the hospital and simply trust that God had divinely healed me.

I stopped by my parents house and the pain started to come back. I also felt like I was getting the chills and my body was somewhat weak. I almost wanted to go to the hospital again, but I chose to go home instead and rest and let His healing manifest in me. I slept about 11 hours last night and felt completely better today! Praise God! Thank you Jesus! He is so good and He totally healed me!

~ Mike M.