Numbness diminishes, Heat returns to hands

After skateboarding last night I went to McDonalds to get a cold drink. I followed one of my co-workers outside to the smoking porch at the front of the store. After my co-worker went home one of my regular customers, Phil, began to talk about his day at court. It seemed a lawsuit had been pending for a settlement he was involved in. As I inquired further he told me five years ago while at work he fell from a ladder and broke his back. Since that time he has been dependent upon a cane for his left arm for walking. During the repair of his back a nerve was nicked leaving his legs with a numbing sensation, and his hands continually cold.

As I prayed for him I invited Holy Spirit to draw near, and He [Holy Spirit] came near. The man, Phil, told me later that heat came to his entire spine, and his hands had become warm. The presence of God was there and I could feel a powerful anointing (like virtue) leaving my hands. The goodness of God was very apparent as well, and as I prayed I wondered if anything was physically happening in his body.

I asked him, “Are you feeling anything new in your body in the form of sensation?” That’s when he quietly told me about the heat. Faith rose up in me. I continued to pray and began commanding the spine to heal and the nerves to realign and be healed. More of the presence of God manifested between us. I could feel his body lightly shaking under the presence of God.

A little while later I asked him to stand with me and do something he wasn’t able to do. The numbness in his legs wasn’t as severe and heat had returned to his hands at the same time the heat came to his back. I held his hands and sure enough his hands were normally warm! Praise God!

I sat him down and told him of the goodness of God. I also told him that what God has started he is going to finish. Phil is a regular customer where I work and I am encouraged to know I will be receiving updates from him often, with more times of prayer and healing, if needed.