Muslim Friend Healed!

I have a friend at college who is Muslim. Since the first time I saw her, I knew God would do something in her.

Well, yesterday she was having some stomach problems, and I asked her if I could pray for her. I was surprised because she opened herself for prayer. So I prayed over her and I told her that by the time she woke up this morning, she would be completely healed. Then this morning I came to class early and she was there and told me that she’s totally healed!

And after a little conversation, she started asking me about Holy Spirit. (I was surprised, but I’ve noticed in the past that she sometimes she re-tweets my tweets about Holy Spirit!) So we had breakfast together and she was open to hear more about Jesus. After I shared more, with teary eyes she told me, “this is true, this is the truth.” I asked her if she wanted to receive this truth, but she was silent and we had to go to class. I believe there’s something raging in her heart right now and I believe that she will soon accept this truth without any doubt. Yay Jesus!

~Tania (in Indonesia)