Miracle in My Mouth

About two weeks ago I noticed a growth forming under my tongue on my left side. What began as a small bump became a pellet sized tumor-like growth. This growth was not sensitive to touch, but carried a lot of blood. On Friday night it had grown to it’s largest size and before I left Saturday morning to work I was impressed to remain [at the all-night Watch of the Lord prayer time] just a little longer to have a couple people agree with me in seeing this thing gone from my mouth. I had been proclaiming my own healing and at one time it began to draw back and shrink.

After receiving prayer Saturday morning around 7am, that afternoon around 4pm I had recognized significant reduction. By Sunday afternoon I went back to one of the ladies who had prayed for me to show her the progress of our agreement. The blood had completely left this skin bubble and had already begun returning to normal. In our prayer agreement the words, “skin returning to normal” were spoken and I received them.

Today the skin from this growth is returning to normal….Our Father is so good to deliver health, healing, and wholeness.