Man’s hernia pain gone

In the breakroom at work a young man I know was dipping into the medicine cabinet early in the day for some pain relief.  After asking some questions, I discovered the man was under a deep, dull pain that was on some days stronger than others (from a hernia).  The pain was so severe that he wished it were sharp instead of dull, because then he felt he could at least tolerate it without pain medicine.  I asked him a very simple question: “would you be encouraged right now if God took the pain completely away?”  His answer so sure and yet so quiet was simply: “Yes.”  I told him that I was not going to lay hands on him or even close my eyes, but pray a very simple prayer telling this pain to leave.  After a simple, loving prayer that lasted no more than twenty seconds, I asked him if anything had changed.  He took a step back, and to his surprise reported that the pain decreased significantly.  I prayed once more, expressing the Father’s love for him and how he deserves to be without pain.  The second report was “pain free!”  It was 10:30 in the morning and he left with a smile on his face!