Man Can Feel His Feet Like Never Before!

This is so amazing! I was at Subway today and there was this young man sitting with his friend eating. He was disabled and I asked him what his condition was. He said he has spina bifida and hasn’t been able to walk since birth. I asked him if he had any feeling in his legs and he said he has very little feeling. I testified of a boy in Mozambique this past summer being healed from not being able to walk and I asked him if I could pray for him. He said yes, and I prayed for him to be healed. I asked him if he felt any change and he said he felt a lot happier. I asked him to check his body and see if there was any difference. He checked his legs and he told me that he could feel his feet in a way he never has before! He couldn’t stop moving his legs and feet and kept saying, “this is so weird… this is so weird!” He was so amazed and so was I! God is so powerful! More Lord!