Man at Outreach Finishes His Own Prophetic Word

A young man from the crowd stopped at our “personal picture” booth during our First Friday outreach.  I asked him if I could draw a picture for him.  Out of the pastels box I picked up the colors yellow and blue, which are the San Diego Chargers colors.  Holy spirit spoke to me and I asked, “Hey are you a big fan of the San Diego Chargers?”  He told me that when he was a kid he “had their pictures and posters and all that stuff all over my walls.”  Then I started drawing a sun and sunset and the young man interrupted my prophetic word and said “I know exactly what that is! When I was little my dad and I used to go fishing we used to see the sunset.  I would stay out all morning with my dad. I just loved those times spent with my dad out there in the early morning!”  So this man finished his own prophetic word and I got to share the Father’s heart of love and how the Father wants to spend time with him just like his dad.