Lung Transplant Testimony

Saturday night, I checked my Facebook before going to bed. One of the moms from the little town I grew up in posted a “plea” and a cry for prayer on Facebook. Her brother-in-law desperately needed a lung transplant and the lungs provided to him that day were too bruised to use. So, he was a respirator “fighting for his life.” It was a desperate situation. I haven’t talked to this woman in a few years, but I felt led to act. No one else responded to her “plea” (which broke my heart), so I sent her a private message. I sent her a prayer which communicated the truth that God sent Jesus to heal her brother-in-law and that anything short of that is the opposite of why Jesus died. The second part of the prayer was a salvation prayer, for whoever could benefit.

To my great surprise, Saturday morning around 9:30am she emailed me back thanking me and telling me that I am a “remarkable person.” I’ve been praying for her brother-in-law since, and she just posted on Facebook that he got a new pair of working lungs and they’re in surgery right now!!!!!

THANK YOU JESUS!! God meets his beloved ones where they are at in life, and I am privileged to have been used by God to minister to her and her family. My heart is to minister to people who don’t have a grid for Jesus, in a way that speaks their language just like how God meets people where they are at. God’s abilities are so BIG and creative, and his mercy & grace cover us in ways we can’t even imagine! Thank you Jesus!!