Love Came Down…

I was at the mall today and I got to pray for several people with injuries and it was so cool to see God move on their bodies and hearts! There was a girl with crutches and she told me that she broke her foot not too long ago and it hurt her to move it. I prayed for her and asked her to see if there was a change and she said she could move it easier with no pain, and she was able to straighten her foot, which she couldn’t do before! She also was able to put her heel on the ground without pain, and she said that before it hurt her to do that! It was so cool and I got to tell her about other cool miracles I’ve seen.

Then there was this other guy who was working in a store and I noticed he was sniffling so I asked him if he was sick and he told me that he had allergies. I prayed for him and he told me that the burning in his eyes went away and he inhaled through his nose and said that his nose was clearer! Ha! God is so amazing!

I also got to talk to another girl and tell her how beautiful she is and I just got to love her and she was so blessed! She said she doesn’t hear that very often and she was truly touched, she was so precious!! People were hustling and bustling all around us and we were in the middle of the mall and she was locked onto my eyes and I just got to speak into her life and pull out the gold in her! ISN’T GOD SO GREAT!? Amen!