Kingdom Influence with Law Students

I have a group of friends at law school… now– which is a blessing in itself. Last semester I wasn’t good friends with them because they went to the bar after class and I didn’t. Every week they asked me to go to the bar and politely declined.Early this semester I mentioned to them how I LOVE McDonalds. Immediately they suggested we go after class. This has become a weekly group outing, which has more than doubled in size. Last week I wasn’t going to go, but one of the girls protested saying that they only go to McDonalds so they can hang out with ME. So I went. As I was sitting in McDonalds, God spoke to me that 10+ law students go to Mickey Ds now for happy meals instead of the bar for drinks because I didn’t compromise. And they’re my friends now! This is a blessing for me, and whether they realize it, for them too!