Kidney Function Improves

A month before Thanksgiving my grandmother started to become ill.  The illness started after she received a flu shot.  She was not eating, sleeping almost all day long, and could not perform normal daily tasks. It seemed as though she was not getting any better.  For a long time doctors said she was getting over the flu.  After a month of fighting this “flu”, they took her blood to get tested.  The blood work showed that many of her levels were out of whack and that her kidneys were not functioning.  During this time, she was acting depressed and had little hope.  About a month after this started FWC started the eight day fast.  I took that opportunity to fight even more for grandma’s life.  Since the fasting and prayer, the doctors have taken her off of some medication and her blood work is showing that it is returning to normal.  She is eating properly again, not sleeping all day, and is back to doing her favorite activities with friends and family.  In two weeks, she is scheduled to see a kidney specialist.  I am believing that the doctor will find nothing wrong.  Even though I do not have the kidney specialist report yet, I know that Jesus has healed my grandma.  I know because He is truth, and He never fails! By His stripes we are healed!

~Ashley L.