Job Provision for Mission Team Member!

Earlier this year, at winter conference, the Lord put on my heart to try tomove to Massillon this summer so that I can be connected to Frontline before the Africa this summer without driving hours on end every weekend to get here.  I tried to talk to my mom about it and she wasn’t sure because she still wanted me to make good money and hopefully stay at the bank I was working for.  I tried to see if I could transfer to the Akron branch, but it didn’t workout.  Then I realized that I needed to start looking for jobs that pay as well as my job for summer help in the Canton/Massillon area that would also give me the time off for the mission trip.  Deanne then suggested Lilyblooms, because we know the person who owns it and he likes to hire us mission kids.  I went and applied two weeks ago and I just called and they gave me the job! My mom softened up and said it’s totally okay and I am 100% moving to Massillon this summer and going to Africa with the Frontline team!