Injured Toes Healed

On Sunday August 28th, during our church picnic at Lake Mohawk, I was playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee bare foot (since my three year old son threw my sandals in the lake). During the course of the game, I injured three of the toes on my right foot. The game ended not long after the injury and my toes became swollen and the pain was increasing. At that time I asked Dr. Josh Jacquet, an ER doctor who was also at the picnic, to take look at my toes and let me know if he thought they were broken. Upon further examination he said that he thought it was likely that the toes may be broken but he could not tell definitively without the use of an ultra sound or X Ray machine. At any rate, the toes were very swollen, black and blue, and painful. At that time, Pastor Bill, Spencer, Bethany and some others took the time to pray for my toes to be healed. After this the pain was still significant and I could no longer walk so I hobbled to the car to head home. The next morning I had to travel out of town for business. When I awoke my foot was throbbing and I got out of bed and still could only hobble. I asked the Lord again to heal my toes. I put my shoes on praying for the best. Once my shoes were on the pain was nearly completely gone! I was then able to make my trip and spend the next three days working 10+ hours a day on my feet as well as work out on the elliptical machine, bicycle, and a 4+ mile jog pain free! Thank you Lord for healing my toes!