Incredible financial provision!

Recently, Rosa and I started to have some HUGE financial problems.   It started with my wife being out of work due to illness.   When this all started I stood on the word the Lord had given me a long time ago, He told me he would “Never leave me nor forsake me”.   This has been a huge word in our lives, until the big one hit.   Right before my wife was in the hospital, we found out that her wages were being attached from a bill she had never been able to pay – now we were in a situation!  The Lord had to come through and deliver us from the grips of our enemy. Â

One Saturday after weeks of literal hardships and large bills, we were down to our last few dollars, sitting in the Kingdom Wealth class.  The Lord told me to get our last 45 dollars together and give it to the church – we did.  That was the break through that God was waiting for to bring forward our miracle.  That Sunday after church we received a call and was blessed with over 200 dollars worth of groceries.   THEN the blessing got to be larger and larger as the days went on.  On Tuesday of that same week the Lord made it clear to me we weren’t supposed to do something – we were planning on filing bankruptcy that week – the Lord said NO!   So I canceled the appointment – and the money we had been given to use towards the bankruptcy was given to us to use towards bills and other things needed while she is out of work – that was an additional 300 dollar blessing!   The blessing continues!  Â

One night that same week I had laid my wallet in my normal drawer – empty – the next morning I had an additional 25 dollars in my wallet that was not there – the PROVISION CONTINUES TO THIS DAY !  In addition to that blessing the Lord saw fit to see a 100 debt forgiven and forgotten by my dad – God is truly a BLESSING and GREAT God!  We are both now living by the promises of God – believing for a job and continuing to see God “Shake that money tree!”
~Greg and Rosa