Healings at the Skatepark

After church I went to an indoor skatepark for a few hours and had a blast!  Afterwards, while hanging out in the skateshop, I was asking Holy Spirit how he wanted to touch these precious young kids. I decided to ask them a question; who here has pain in their bodies?
The end results of asking that question were lasting; three young men, who were carrying noticeable pain in their wrist, ankle, and lower leg all were healed after praying for them.  Brandon had a pain (that he said was about an 8 on a scale of 1-10) in his ankle from a skateboard accident , Grant had wrist pain of about a “5”, both were healed of their pain!  Ryan was recovering from a broken ankle and experienced a noticeable increase in flexibility.  On top of the healings the guys openly received the message of the goodness of God’s love for them.

Afterwards, I encountered two other young men outside in the parking lot of the skatepark.  One young man, Cain, had a big fall while skating inside earlier that I witnessed.  I asked him about any pain and offered him the opportunity to put God’s goodness on the line.  The pain in his hip decreased after the initial prayer, his flexibility increased by half, and after the second prayer he was pain free and could touch his toes.  Standing next to Cain was Ryan, he had pain too.  He couldn’t even lean against his car without feeling sharp pain.  After one simple prayer, he was completely pain free, and also heard about the goodness of God!