Healing & Salvation at Legends Nursing Home!

At this week’s Legends Nursing Home Outreach, there was a younger woman with a cast on her left leg. She had a steel flat rod around her toes & needles coming out of her toes. It looked very painful & messy, as her toes were all purple & swollen. I invited her to our service but she refused, saying that she needed to get medicine in her room because she had throbbing pain in her toes. As she allowed me to pray for her, I felt heat on her cast and asked her if she could feel a difference. She looked puzzled & said, “Oh, well actually the throbbing is completely gone!” Glory to You, Jesus!

As I continued down the hallway before our service, I came across a woman who attended our services regularly, but was often disruptive, loud, & negative (especially when I had first started coming). This week when she saw me she said excitedly, “I’ve been looking for you!!! You haven’t been here for two weeks!!! Where were you??” This was such a change of attitude. And that night she received The Lord!!!! Yay God!!! More of your glory in that place!!!!