Healing from Septic Pneumonia and other Problems

Today my mom had her quarterly doctor’s appointment. She was admitted to the hospital on April 22, 2006 with septic pneumonia, inactive thyroid, blood clots, and a bunch of other stuff, and almost died twice. Of course, as we prayed, God was faithful to intervene, watching her vital signs on the monitors rise as we sang over her, worshipping God & believing for her healing. She was at Mercy for about six weeks. I was there the first time they tried to get her to stand for 10 seconds. She cried and panicked. She was sure she would never walk again. From there, she was eventually admitted to Altercare rehabilitation Center for the next 10 weeks, after which she returned home. Since then (for the past 9 months), she has been faithfully going to therapy three times a week, for two hours at a time. Sometimes she rides their NuStep (like an elliptical bike) for 90 minutes.

In regard to medication, she started out by taking Potassium pills, iron pills, Cumatin (blood thinner), thyroid medication, Lasex (water reduction pill), and the doctor ordered her to take Lipitor for her cholesterol (which she didn’t take). The short of it is that the doctor has fully removed her from the Potassium, Iron, Cumatin, and Lasex. This was all the last time she went in. In addition, the doctor told her the last time that she didn’t have to take the Lipitor if she did not want to.

Today when she went in, the doctor reduced her thyroid medication slightly because she was getting too much. Now we all know that when the thyroid is “dead”, everyone says that the medication is a “life-long thing”. Of course, we have been praying that the Lord heals her thyroid completely. Not that we’re against medicine. It has played a vital part. But I believe the Lord is doing a complete work as a testimony to His Name.

The evidence of a healed thyroid, of course, will be the doctors recognizing that her medication needs reduced. While there was no indication from the doctor of the thyroid working, it would seem that something is happening. Also, her blood pressure today was 144 over 70, which the doctor said was really good for her. Her kidneys are functioning well, her potassium is holding good, and her glucose is excellent (no indication still of sugar issues). She’s getting around all over the place and has energy like she had not had in years. She is still slow when getting up and starting to move and uses the walker for stability at times. But she can walk unassisted when she chooses, which is amazing for her.

To top it all off, when we were in New York City (which happens to be an incredibly friendly city..apparently a change that took place after 9-1-1 as I heard many times) we got off of the subway at Rockefeller Center. As we looked for the elevator, we realized that this was one of those “unmarked” stations where they have “handicap access” but no elevator. There was no way to get around the situation. Since she did not trust me to hold the wheelchair steady for a ride on the escalator (I’m not sure why), she had to take over 90 steps to get to the top while I carried three bags and the wheel chair (my back held up, another miracle). And she successfully did it without losing her strength. She hasn’t been able to do that for years!

Oh, yeah… last week she was out mowing with the push mower.