Healing During Girls Night In!

The other night we had a bunch of girls over at Deanne’s house just to hangout and have fun. One girl told us that she had a fracture in the lumbar part of her back. Her friend also told us that her process was fractured and she couldn’t fully bend over, only half way. We then surrounded the first girl with the fracture in her lumbar, and prayed healing over her. When we were done we had her do something she couldn’t do before, so she bent down and she said the pain lessened and she hasn’t had that much mobility since the injury happened. We kept praying for full release and then we prayed for her friend who had pain in her process. After praying the pain was completely gone and she was able to bend over and touch the ground! She said that before they came she was trying to bend over and she could only go halfway and it was painful! There was such a release for her! Wow God!

~ Bethany