Healing during 24/7 Prayer Week

During the week of 24/7 prayer and worship, two healings occurred in my family – I experienced one and one was received by my eighty-four-year-old dad. And I was not even present for the particular worship service the night when healing broke out in such a powerful manner.

I had injured my back slightly at the beginning of FWC’s 24/7 prayer and worship week. A couple of folks prayed for me and healing had commenced in the affected area and was in progress. However, I re-injured my back in a more serious manner mid-week and was in great pain. I could not sit, stand, or walk without focused effort for any length of time. Sleep was not possible. I just could not find a position in which to rest. I determined to still keep the time slot for prayer to which I had committed and to attend worship in the evening. It was not easy and it was not all that much fun. But I went. I planned to ask someone to pray with me at the conclusion of the service, but the service ran long and we had to pick up our son from work. No matter! The goodness and healing power of the love of the Lord prevailed! Following that evening’s worship service, I walked out of the worship center pain free! The next morning I was able to fully function and resume normal activity! Amazing! Praise God!

All during the week of 24/7 prayer and nightly worship, I had been lifting prayers for healing concerning family members — my dad being one of those. He had three weeks previously been diagnosed with diabetes. Upon diagnosis, he had been immediately put on meds and sent to a special nutritionist for instruction on new eating patterns and on living an adjusted lifestyle. This past Monday, he returned to his doctor because he was feeling so lousy on the new meds. Following an exam and various medical tests, the doctor took Dad off the meds and removed the “diabetes” label. My dad is no longer considered diabetic! A major miracle! Thank You, Lord! What an amazing God we serve and love! His unfailing love so overwhelming! Glory to God!