Healing and Salvation at McDonald’s

Last night I was sent to collect money for our drive-thru order taker. Makayla took the orders and I collected the money. The line was solid, one car after another. I couldn’t help but notice how Makayla was figiting and squirming around. ” Are you ok?” I asked her. “My back is hurting,” she reponded, disappointed. She said that it had been going on for quite awhile.Â

“Hmmm,” I thought, “Holy Spirit, what do you want to do here?” A question came to me. “Do you have any fear that this pain will last for a long time?” She didn’t. I thought for a while longer, the whole time she is taking non-stop orders and I am collecting from each car. There is not a lot of time [to talk] in between orders.

 I asked her, “would you like to try an experiment with me?” “Sure!” she said. I told her that I wanted to pray for her and release the Kingdom of God over her body for healing. She was very receptive to the idea. I began to pray quietly inviting the Holy Spirit and making Him welcome right there in the drive-thru at McDonalds during our busy dinner hour. As I began to sense His presence I told Makayla I wanted to lay my hand on her. She agreed so I gently laid my hand on her shoulder and began to pray specifically.

In between the money and customers I prayed till I didn’t sense there was anything else to cover. Our line was now empty. So I asked her, “what’s going on inside?” A big smile came over her face and she began to move around.  “The pain is gone!” she said with some excitement and relief.Â

“That’s usually what happens,” I responded. So I asked,”can you do something now you couldn’t do before?” She continued moving around, twisting her back, a smile on her face. While she was demonstrating I was thinking in my heart how much she is being loved by my heavenly Father right now. She thanked me for praying and I thanked Jesus.
Orders picked up again and some time went by. I felt to ask her if she had ever received Jesus as her savior. So I asked her, and to my surprise she hadn’t. I asked her, “would you like to receive Him?” She said yes. “Right now, here?” I asked her. “Yeah, but how do I do it?” she asked. “That’s the easy part,” I answered. I gave her the gospel in between orders. Each short break I shared a little more until a foundation was laid. Then she prayed with me and exchanged her sin for the righteousness of Jesus – all during the second busiest time of our day! God is so good.Â

This short, quiet process ministered and touched another young man, and the look he gave me said, ” that was really cool man.” Both Makayla and I were elated at what Jesus had just done. I love Him, and I love my job. Thank You Jesus! You are awesome.