Healed from allergies!

For 25 years or more I have suffered from seasonal allergies in the summer. I don’t have “Hay Fever” with sneezes and congestion. Instead my symptoms are a severe loss of energy and mental clarity. I believe I just don’t get enough oxygen through my lungs because of the allergies. My typical summer is like this: I see the pretty flowers in May so I go out and buy some camera film. Suddenly it’s October 1 and I notice the camera film lying right where I brought it into the house 4 or 5 months before. Other activities in my life are also lost during the summer.

Normally I take an allergy pill all year and a nasal inhaler in the spring, summer and fall. These have helped but they are not enough.

Just a few weeks ago I heard a Sunday Sermon by Pastor Mary Pat. It was just before the India mission trip.  I would paraphrase what I heard as “The Kingdom is here now, but only if you believe in it and step into it.” That’s a message I have both heard and even taught to other people in the 6 years since I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. But I could never quite get it to work.

It was time for me to go to my Doctor to get my summer prescriptions but I didn’t want to do that. Several evenings later I felt the presence of Holy Spirit in my room. We communed for an hour or more about my various illnesses and the Father’s healing. I felt that the Lord had brought me to a higher level of trust in Him. So I asked Him for healing and He did it!  The next morning I discontinued my daily pill. Most days since then I’ve been completely clear of the allergic condition.

Recently, I have been working in a building that is very high in dust, mildew and nicotine. Before the healing, I was only able to work about 2 hours. Now I’m putting in 8 hour shifts in that building with no difficulty. And I come out of the building with more energy than when I went in! Thanks be to God!!!

– Dave Adams