Headache Healed at the Mall

On March 11, 2007 I went to the mall to buy some jeans. I was being checked out and the other coworker asked the lady cking me out if she had any Tylenol. I asked her what was wrong she stated a headache and indigestion. I asked if I could pray for her she said yes. I asked if I could pray right now–she seemed rather surprised and said ok. I prayed with my eyes open, looking into her eyes for God to come reveal His heart of love to her, to bless her and bring His healing power in her. I told her it would be gone, then I left the store and trusted God to work His healing power in her. I went back to the mall on April 26th, and she wasn’t working, but the other coworker was and remembered me. I asked her if the headache/indigestion went away. She stated “yes”! Praise God!