Growth disappears!

I had a growth on my eye called a chalazion.  It was about the size of a blueberry inside my upper eyelid. I could only see out of half of that eye and it felt like someone had their finger in my eye all the time.  The doctor said I would have to have it removed and biopsied if the meds he gave me didn’t work.  Many times these growths are cancerous and if I had it removed it probably my eyelid would droop over my eye for the rest of my life.  I took the meds for 2 days, then I asked for prayer at Fire and Wind [Tuesday night meeting] and Pastor Mary Pat was right there.  That night it started to soften immediately.  It was hard as a rock before.  The Lord led me to stop the meds and count on him.  Every day I woke with the expectation that it would be gone.  Nothing for about 3 days, no changes or anything.  I would lay hands on my eye declaring God’s love for me and His will that I be healed.  Well, on the fourth day I woke up and it was completely gone, no drainage, no sagging skin, nothing.  God is faithful, even to me!