God shows up at Wal-Mart

After prayer at the church asking God to show us specifically who to talk to, we were able to find and speak with many people on that list!

There was a woman at Wal-Mart looking at rings. She happened to be looking at a big red ring that looked just like a ruby. We asked if we could pray for her and she told us that her husband had just died and she was feeling very lonely. We were glad to be able to pray with her! When we looked at our list from the prayer time at church, next to the word ruby was the name Linda. Her name was Linda. We shared that with her and she was very encouraged.

During prayer we were also told that if we saw someone we knew that it was time to say something. Two of us saw someone we both knew and were able to pray for him and speak into his life.

We also met a lady named Silvia. I talked to her and found out she liked horses and she smoked. God had told us in prayer that we would meet a lady named Silvia who liked to ride horses and had a breathing problem. I was able to pray a quick prayer over her and bless her.

Tiana and I prayed for a man who was limping, had a boot on the leg, and had diabetes. This was also a combination of things that came to us during prayer.

Two of us prayed for a lady named Ann. Her mother and mother-in-law both were dying and she complained herself of having back pain and abdominal pain. She said that it seemed like an ulcer in her stomach. I remembered from our list that there was someone dealing with back pain and abdominal pain (possibly an ulcer). I was able to pray over her and speak life into her and she said her stomach pain then was almost completely gone. I had been struggling with a headache almost all night. I asked her if she had a headache and she said she did–as I prayed for her head the pain in my head left me!