God Provides for Car Repair

Ina, Nadia, Nathan and I were travelling home from Detroit last Saturday (Nov. 20th, 2010) after a visit to family.  We had an appointment to meet someone on the way back at 3:30 pm.  We got off the turnpike and were driving through a very unpopulated area on the way to the appointment.  Suddenly, at about 3:00 pm, our car’s engine started making a loud noise and lost about half of its power.  Our max speed was only about 40 mph and it seemed to be getting worse.  We had just passed through a very small town (Oregon, Ohio) so I turned around and headed back in the hopes of finding some place that could figure out what was wrong.  I seriously doubted we’d find anything open or suitable in such a rural area.  I sent up a quick prayer.  As soon as I did, I spotted a large sign advertising a car repair service 3 miles ahead.  I envisioned a dirty, greasy place that probably wouldn’t be able to fix the car.  I imagined the difficulties of having to find a safe place for my family to stay overnight, to eat, etc.  But all those fears were alleviated when we pulled into a very clean full service station.  It was more like a 3-star hotel!  It had free popcorn, coffee, hot chocolate, flat panel TV, comfortable sofas and chairs, even a fireplace!  And everyone there was super friendly.  Once we were settled, Ina and I looked at each other and prayed.  We were reminded to pray in the way we learned in Freedom Class: use your authority in Christ to “call it in”!  So we prayed, “In the name of Jesus we declare that this repair will be quick, cheap, and easy to fix”.  About 10 minutes later, the receptionist walked in to tell us the problem was only a spark plug and the car would be ready in 15 minutes.  $105 later, we were back on the road.  We made it to our appointment by 4:00 and everything went smoothly!

~ Tom