God Ministers Love & Healing in Target

GOD IS SO AMAZING! Today I was at Target and I started talking to this girl who is a junior in high school. I started to get revelation of how God sees her and I began to tell her what I was hearing God say. She was drawn in and I told her how amazing she is and how God feels about her. She was so receiving it and told me that I was very unusual but that what I said was true. She also shared that she was having problems with her knees and that every time she bent them, one would pop out of place. I got to pray for her and when I asked her to test out the healing she said that it no longer popped out of place when she bent it! It was amazing! God kept giving me insight into her family life and different areas that have been difficult for her and we talked for about an hour! I got to speak Gods love into all these different areas of her life and she totally received it all! God is so powerful! GOD YOU ARE GREAT!