God in the Marketplace

I was standing in my office on Friday when a coworker came in and started to share a few things that had happened recently in her life. She was ready to cry when she was telling me that she hadn’t slept in several days and had taken a day off to spend an afternoon drinking. I gave her a hug and just prayed for her, that she would realize the deep love that God has for her and would receive His peace and wisdom to know how to address the things happening in her life. I also prayed that she would be able to sleep. On Monday when I saw her, she stopped me to thank me for “what I did” on Friday. She had slept perfectly since then and felt like that prayer “totally changed her world.” I am still expecting more freedom for her, and many that I work with, but I am excited that God is moving in the marketplace and look forward to more testimonies of HIS goodness where I work!